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My (short) E! True Hollywood Story. Brandi. The Owner & Founder.

Hi everyone, my name is Brandi & I'm the owner & founder of Velvet N Roll Boutique! I was born and raised in Kewaunee, WI. I am married to the love of my life and my biggest supporter, Brandon. We have a miniature pinscher named Milton, who is our little baby. I've always been very into fashion, but just recently decided to put my passion into action. I worked in a label factory for 11 years, right out of High School, but I always knew that wasn't the right lane for me. From a young age I would clip out photos from magazines of celebrities in clothing and accessories that I loved. I still do that now, but with Pinterest! Being plus size, pretty much my whole life, I wasn't able to find the clothes I dreamed of wearing in my size. I remember crying many times over it. I had really great women role models growing up that never let me feel bad about this for long. I always thought "I wish I could wear this" or "I wish I could find this in my size". As I got older I found a few places that do carry cute clothing in my size, but I never want any young girl or women to feel like I did growing up. You shouldn't have to sacrifice style, because of sizing. I want to bring you items that make you stand out and make you feel beautiful at any size. So let's stand tall together as women & wear whatever makes us feel like US!

*Brandon & I at Lake Haven for a friends wedding 2 weeks before our own wedding at the same venue.

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