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My Style Influences

Over the years my influences haven't really changed all that much. Although they are all over the board, just as my style has always been and always will be. I grew up loving Britney Spears (obviously), but always loved Christina Aguilera more. Her style was her own. She freaking wore leather chaps while Britney was wearing things you'd expect a teen bopper to be wearing (yawn!). I had multiple posters on my wall of her after she got all 13 of her piercings, something you didn't see very often at that time. She's so rad. Then there's Gwen Stefani; the QUEEN of fashion. Ever since No Doubts album "Tragic Kingdom" (I was 5, so clearly I discovered this a few years later) I have been borderline obsessed with her. Okay, completely obsessed, and I still am. She is EVERYTHING to me. From her days of wearing furry bikini tops, to everything hounds tooth print, to now being just pure glamour with her own spin on it. She never apologizes for wearing whatever she wants. On a completely different path, there's Kurt Cobain. You can tell he was never into fashion, I mean c'mon, he was a rock star! His grunge look was just who he was. The over sized flannels, distressed jeans, and graphic tees SCREAM Seattle in the 90's. I am VERY happy that all of these items really never go out of style. Let's change lanes again and mention two icons; Cher & Prince. I love them both for similar reasons. They're like characters in their own world. Every outfit they've worn is memorable and you can tell where they were in their lives just by their clothing choice. Prince wore heels and was still known as a sex symbol, enough said. Oh, and Elton John, for obvious reasons. So what I'm rambling about is I believe everyone should wear what they want, when they want, to wherever they want. Be you, be a character, just be who you want to be in this often way too judgmental world. Style doesn't have to be "what's in", it's just whatever YOU like in that moment.

*I do not own any of these images. These are all from Pinterest.*

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